Cast Member In A Play

Hi guys this is yet another of my posts… Clementine posts a new and improved AND a very emotional post which touched the core of my heart… I participated as a cast member in a play . Nothing was expected but everything came out…

So, when I first joined this play, I never got a Lead Role or even a Secondary Role… I was just like, I give up! However, my mother said that everybody starts small, even all those astounding actresses out there… So, I entered, believe it or not, I had to go for afterschool, Friday and Saturday rehearsals. They were averagely 5 hours, but I had a really great time! It was an amazing opportunity for me though, and I learned that theatre is life!

All those packed up rehearsals taught me many things, the ups and downs brought another human out of me. It throwed away all my lack of self-esteem. What’s more, I learned that it was only in Theatre that I lived. “The theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much like life.” I had an amazing experience and I’d like to do theatre again! I didn’t get a Lead Role but “to lead people is to walk behind leaders”!

So that’s all I have for you guys! I hope this is an inspiring post that tells you that you’re more than just an extra. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been in a play and have shares the same experience as me! My next blog will be about my trip to London, Scotland AND Ireland!!! I am so excited about visiting the U.K! Make sure to check my next post and please comment, like and follow me!d3f17fa5b29765b4be3c7c50b416c556


Author: Clementine Longwood

Hi people! This is my personal blog where I'll be posting all sorts of topics! Personal ones like my trip to U.K and information ones like 10 reasons why being a teen is awesome! I'll be sharing inspiring ones that will brighten up your day! So get reading! Thank you by Clementine!

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