Lies Everybody Says – Admit it!

Hi guys! Clementine post a new AND improved post for you guys to read. This post is going to be quite funny and relatable because I know everybody says the lies listed below!

  1. “I’ll just have one” said no one ever! Remember the time when you saw your friend’s/family member’s Pringles lying around… and you’d say that! Reality is that you take more than one!
  2. “I’m fine” you say but don’t mean it. You’d sometimes say this in depression to make others believe that you are fine and don’t want them being in your problem/depression or you just want to say “I’m fine” to get attention!
  3. How many times have you said “I’m on my way” when you haven’t even left the house? Ya, it’s countless


4. #nofilter. When you use this hashtag it means that this picture is standalone fabulous and there was no editing required, but obviously everybody knows that you actually used a filter.

5. “I didn’t get your texts”. Seriously??? We all live in a social world and the person who delivered it can automatically see if you read it. So it’s pointless lying about that.

6. “I’m busy”. OH BUT YOU HAVE TIME TO WATCH T.V/NEFLIX! I think everybody has enough time for anything really! So saying “I’m busy” to call off a date is mostly a lie.

7. “I’m just kidding” is when you are kidding, but you secretly mean it, or you said something wrong and you just want to back it up with an ‘honest’ fact. You just don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

8. “No, you look perfectly fine!” you say to a friend getting dressed. You just can’t lie, because then you would be a bad friend. Actually you should be honest with them, it wont hurt to tell them because they would appreciate your caring for them.

So that’s all I have for you guys! If you enjoyed this post then please give it a like and follow me! Comment below if you have any more relatable lies! ADMIT IT!


Fake Trip To Dubai!!!

Hi guys! Clementine posts a new AND improved post! So, I decided I’m going to post about something different and unique… Maybe like a fake trip to Dubai! So this post is basically about if I had a chance to go to Dubai then WHAT WOULD I DO? Remember that this is fake – so I’m going to pretend like I had all the money in the world!

This is a fake trip plan to Dubai:

So when I reach there I am going to stay at the Armani Hotel Dubai which is located in Dubai’s best landmark Burj Khalifa! On my first day I would have a tour of the whole Burj Khalifa and look outside since Burj Khalifa is the world’s current largest skyscraper!!!


Then I’m going to visit Miracle Garden – The Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden! Best part is that it was opened on Valentine’s Day flower sculptures are made to look like famous landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Eiffel Tower. Flowers sculptures are even made into everyday life like houses.


After that, I’ll visit the Palm! It is going to be so cool because Palm is a man – made island!


Then, I’ll go for a tour in Burj Al Arab –  the only hotel which is 7 stars! I found out that it has this helicopter station where helicopters can land on. How cute! I’ve heard it is the most luxurious hotel ever!


After that, I’ll visit the WIld Wadi Water Park! It is a water park with aquatic roller coasters and surfing wave machine in outdoor water park with pools, slides and tunnels!


And that ends my fantastic and fabulous trip to Dubai, U.A.E! I had an amazing and fantastic time there (wink, wink)! I hope this inspires you to visit Dubai and I think I’ll turn this fake trip to a real trip! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please like and follow me! Let me know in the comments below if you have visited Dubai or going to! Thank you by Clementine!


Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong

Hi guys! Clementine is once again posting a new AND improved post! This time, it’s going to be about things you’ve been doing wrong! These are also brilliant life hacks!

  1. If you lay a wooden spoon over the top of a boiling pot, it keeps the water from bubbllifebuzz-26c732e4d9acb4e182ced577cea5b132-limit_2000ing over the side of the pot and making a big mess, like this!



2. Are you sure you don’t want to eat this cupcake in the most delicious way?  Cupcake Sandwich… Coming up!


3. Now You can peacefully listen to music in the correct way.


4. Scientists have been observing monkeys and they eat bananas in the opposite way as us and it is now seen as the right way!!!


5. Instead of trying to take the leaves out by your hands and ruining them why don’t you just-



That’s all I have for you guys, unfortunately… I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please like and follow me. Also, comment below on any more things you found out that you were doing wrong. I found these hilariously shocking and I hope you were surprised too!


10 Reasons Why Being A Teen Is Awesome!

Hi guys! Clementine is posting a new AND improved post for you guys to read… For all those teens out there, appreciate the time of your life because I’m going to post 10 reasons why being a teen is cool:

  1. People in their teens’ muscles are functioning properly and have a less chance of getting an injury. When teens get an injury, it’s mostly not fatal an can be cured easily.
  2. Teens don’t have to worry about anything big, like adults do. They just have to get good grades and the rest is up to them! Adults have countless responsibilities though. The coolest responsibility for a teen is learning how to drive a car!
  3. When they make mistakes they can just blame their hormones because of puberty!
  4. Teens are young, they get to enjoy life to the fullest with brand new cars and can still be selfish!
  5. They don’t have to count the amount of calories in their food and don’t have to worry about getting fat. The metabolism is working at its highest level, so it’s easy to burn fat!
  6. Teens know exactly what’s trending in their neighborhood… They get to look cool and trendy, while adults don’t know the slightest thing about fashion which is very embarrassing for those teens…
  7. TEENS GET TO HAVE A SUMMER BREAK WORTH 3 MONTHS! How lucky is that! They can do anything from going to summer camp, going on vacation or just hanging out with friends! Adults don’t get a lot of vacation, because of work and family business, though.
  8. Being a teen means that going to school which means seeing your friends for most of the day. They get to form friendships that could last a lifetime! Adults however have to work for most of the day and don’t get time to see friends… That’s just sad.
  9. Being a teen means looking at a new self and choosing who you want to be, because of all the drama of course, and the hormones, it can change your life! There’s always something to look forward to everyday!
  10. Being a teen means getting to choose your subjects! Mostly, you don’t have to got so many subjects like you did years ago!

So that’s all I have for you guys! I know I told you that I’m going to do a post about my trip to U.K. However, The trip’s date has move forward… I hope you don’t mind.though. Thanks for understanding! Let me know in the comments for any other reasons you want to be a teen! Please like and follow me! My next post will be about what you’ve been doing wrong everyday. Make sure to check that out!

Cast Member In A Play

Hi guys this is yet another of my posts… Clementine posts a new and improved AND a very emotional post which touched the core of my heart… I participated as a cast member in a play . Nothing was expected but everything came out…

So, when I first joined this play, I never got a Lead Role or even a Secondary Role… I was just like, I give up! However, my mother said that everybody starts small, even all those astounding actresses out there… So, I entered, believe it or not, I had to go for afterschool, Friday and Saturday rehearsals. They were averagely 5 hours, but I had a really great time! It was an amazing opportunity for me though, and I learned that theatre is life!

All those packed up rehearsals taught me many things, the ups and downs brought another human out of me. It throwed away all my lack of self-esteem. What’s more, I learned that it was only in Theatre that I lived. “The theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much like life.” I had an amazing experience and I’d like to do theatre again! I didn’t get a Lead Role but “to lead people is to walk behind leaders”!

So that’s all I have for you guys! I hope this is an inspiring post that tells you that you’re more than just an extra. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been in a play and have shares the same experience as me! My next blog will be about my trip to London, Scotland AND Ireland!!! I am so excited about visiting the U.K! Make sure to check my next post and please comment, like and follow me!d3f17fa5b29765b4be3c7c50b416c556

Why I Want To Visit Japan

So, once again I’m posting… Clementine is posting a new and improved post! I hope this is a better post than before…:| Let me know in the comments below! So, I’m going to be posting about why I want to visit Japan so much!

  1. I love Anime and japan is legit based on Anime! Anime is a sort of story/series of videos based on any genre you like and it looks super cute! The picture below is a picture of FairyTail (an Anime).


  2. It’s OK to sleep in work! You read that write! Now, we can official rest in peace (not in that way though)!

  3. Sumo!!! A sport that is over 2000 years old, you have to see what skill and power lies behind this sport.

  4. Cherry Blossoms which are famous all over the world, the cherry blossoms is in bloom only once a month in Japan. They are so pretty!

5. The Japanese do sweets and deserts of all varieties extremely well! Yes, I love food, especially the sweet and sugary ones!

So, that’s all I have for you guys! I hope this blog inspires you to visit Japan and love this country as much as I do! Let me know in the comments below! Please like and follow me cause I will very much appreciate it! My next blog will be about a very sweet experience of mine… An amazing play, Timehop! Make sure to check it out!