Lies Everybody Says – Admit it!

Hi guys! Clementine post a new AND improved post for you guys to read. This post is going to be quite funny and relatable because I know everybody says the lies listed below!

  1. “I’ll just have one” said no one ever! Remember the time when you saw your friend’s/family member’s Pringles lying around… and you’d say that! Reality is that you take more than one!
  2. “I’m fine” you say but don’t mean it. You’d sometimes say this in depression to make others believe that you are fine and don’t want them being in your problem/depression or you just want to say “I’m fine” to get attention!
  3. How many times have you said “I’m on my way” when you haven’t even left the house? Ya, it’s countless


4. #nofilter. When you use this hashtag it means that this picture is standalone fabulous and there was no editing required, but obviously everybody knows that you actually used a filter.

5. “I didn’t get your texts”. Seriously??? We all live in a social world and the person who delivered it can automatically see if you read it. So it’s pointless lying about that.

6. “I’m busy”. OH BUT YOU HAVE TIME TO WATCH T.V/NEFLIX! I think everybody has enough time for anything really! So saying “I’m busy” to call off a date is mostly a lie.

7. “I’m just kidding” is when you are kidding, but you secretly mean it, or you said something wrong and you just want to back it up with an ‘honest’ fact. You just don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

8. “No, you look perfectly fine!” you say to a friend getting dressed. You just can’t lie, because then you would be a bad friend. Actually you should be honest with them, it wont hurt to tell them because they would appreciate your caring for them.

So that’s all I have for you guys! If you enjoyed this post then please give it a like and follow me! Comment below if you have any more relatable lies! ADMIT IT!