10 Reasons Why Being A Teen Is Awesome!

Hi guys! Clementine is posting a new AND improved post for you guys to read… For all those teens out there, appreciate the time of your life because I’m going to post 10 reasons why being a teen is cool:

  1. People in their teens’ muscles are functioning properly and have a less chance of getting an injury. When teens get an injury, it’s mostly not fatal an can be cured easily.
  2. Teens don’t have to worry about anything big, like adults do. They just have to get good grades and the rest is up to them! Adults have countless responsibilities though. The coolest responsibility for a teen is learning how to drive a car!
  3. When they make mistakes they can just blame their hormones because of puberty!
  4. Teens are young, they get to enjoy life to the fullest with brand new cars and can still be selfish!
  5. They don’t have to count the amount of calories in their food and don’t have to worry about getting fat. The metabolism is working at its highest level, so it’s easy to burn fat!
  6. Teens know exactly what’s trending in their neighborhood… They get to look cool and trendy, while adults don’t know the slightest thing about fashion which is very embarrassing for those teens…
  7. TEENS GET TO HAVE A SUMMER BREAK WORTH 3 MONTHS! How lucky is that! They can do anything from going to summer camp, going on vacation or just hanging out with friends! Adults don’t get a lot of vacation, because of work and family business, though.
  8. Being a teen means that going to school which means seeing your friends for most of the day. They get to form friendships that could last a lifetime! Adults however have to work for most of the day and don’t get time to see friends… That’s just sad.
  9. Being a teen means looking at a new self and choosing who you want to be, because of all the drama of course, and the hormones, it can change your life! There’s always something to look forward to everyday!
  10. Being a teen means getting to choose your subjects! Mostly, you don’t have to got so many subjects like you did years ago!

So that’s all I have for you guys! I know I told you that I’m going to do a post about my trip to U.K. However, The trip’s date has move forward… I hope you don’t mind.though. Thanks for understanding! Let me know in the comments for any other reasons you want to be a teen! Please like and follow me! My next post will be about what you’ve been doing wrong everyday. Make sure to check that out!